Traction Chains

2828hd chains(copy)

V-bar Ladder Chain

This is a great chains for all conditions when extra traction is what is needed, works great in the mud and snow.

The V-bar that is welded onto the links helps with that extra traction and these are available 5mm links and up.

We have most sizes in stock or can make almost any size to order including trucks, buses and graders.

Tensioners available in rubber and pictured or in mental spring.

These are now available with cam locks in some sizes so there is no need for additonal tensioners.

Fitting video

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Plain Twist chain(copy)(copy)

Plain Twist Ladder Chains

Another great chain that will work off road and on.

These are available for all vehicles including trucks, buses, 4WD, tractors and graders.

Also these are available for dual wheel vehicles. These start from a 7mm chain through to 13mm.

Tensioners available in rubber or in mental spring.

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SCC Quik Grip NZ-1830(copy)

5.2mm V- bar Ladder Chain

This a light weight v-bar chain suitable for cars and very popular with vintage car owners.

Tensioners are recommended and are available in rubber as pictured or in mental spring.

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Stud chain(copy)

Studded Ladder Chains

These are ideal for lime spreaders.

We buy this in bulk so that we can make to suite most sizes.

This is available in 8mm and 11mm studs

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Strap & Go for  Cars & 4WD 

Strap & Go provide a quick, simple, and effective solution to being stranded in all types of terrain and adverse conditions. These are sold as a pair.

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Dual ladder Chains

We have a small range of these in stock but can make other sizes if needed.
They are a plain twist chain and give you another option if you do not have enough space between the duals to fit a chains on just the outside wheel.

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