Pewag Protection Chains

Definition & Solutions

Steel protection with rubber mobility – strength and flexibility!

A tire protection chain can best be described as a very tight mesh that covers all the vulnerable parts of your tires on their tread and sidewalls to form a barrier against damages.

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Pewag goes big

Mining machines such as wheel loaders (WA 1200, CAT 994, LT 2350) or dump trucks (Cat 797, HD 930) are becoming increasingly larger and heavier, just like their tires (70/70-57; 59/80-63). In 1992, pewag was the pioneer in fitting a CAT 994 for the first time, and in 2003 in fitting the world's largest tire at that time with the dimension 60/80-57. pewag set standards for such products with the market launch of the new, highly durable 23mm tire protection chain generation in 2006 and the fitting of this chain in 2007 on the world's largest wheel loader LT 2350 (70/70-57).

- lower direct hourly operating costs by

  • multiplied tire life leading to a significant reduction in tire costs
  • predictable service life of tires and chains
  • accurate budgeting
  • minimal down-time due to tire failure
  • maximum equipment availability
  • improved stability, increased traction and better penetration for digging and break-out
  • increased productivity in tonnages per hour

- additional benefits:

  • optimum tire protection - reduced tire maintenance
  • protection plus traction with chain use - safe operation even in the worst conditions (on rock, fire and ice)

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